Pay 39 Monthly For IFit Fitness Classes Get ProForm s Indoor Bike Or Elliptical Free

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Assuming you're going to pay a monthly fee for bike classes anyway, why not get the bike for free?


Here's the thing about a [/reviews/peloton-bike-2019-review/ Peloton bike], Echelon bike or the like: You have to buy not only the very pricey hardware, but also the fitness-class subscription. A Peloton, for example, costs a hefty $2,245, and then you're on the hook for $39 a month. Echelon offers bikes for less (including [ a few under $1,000]), but the accompanying class plan runs $40 a month.
Ah, but what if you could pay that same rate and get a bike effectively for free? You can: For a limited time, the [ ProForm Studio Bike Limited White Edition is $39 a month for three years] -- iFit membership included. (Note that this deal was previously for the Studio Pro, but the two models appear to be virtually identical.)
[ See it at ProForm]
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OK, so this is basically a 0%-interest financing plan, one that totals out to $1,403 after three years. But there's no up-front cost -- even shipping is free -- and when you're done, you own the bike. Yes, you'll have to continue paying $39 a month if you still want iFit classes, though there are discounts available if you prepay for a year or more.

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I haven't tried the Studio Bike Limited myself, but it resembles the very good NordicTrack S15i I reviewed in my roundup of [/news/peloton-alternatives-4-great-indoor-exercise-bikes-that-cost-less/ Peloton alternatives that cost less]. No surprise there: Parent company Icon Health and Fitness owns both NordicTrack and ProForm, as well as iFit, among other brands.

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The bike features a silent flywheel, height-adjustable seat and handlebars, digital resistance settings, 3-pound hand weights and a 10-inch touchscreen that can turn 180 degrees in either direction -- helpful for any off-bike classes you want to take.

Speaking of classes, iFit serves up a wide variety of on-demand ones -- not just biking, but also high-intensity interval training, strength training, yoga and so on. Two things I particularly like: The virtual rides (in which you follow your instructor on gorgeous real-world trails) and the "live" resistance control, meaning the instructor changes your bike's resistance settings during your class or ride.

Note that ProForm also offers its [ Carbon E7 elliptical on the same terms] ($0 down, $39 a month for 36 months). This is actually my preferred form of indoor exercise, though I haven't been able to find any reviews of the machine itself.

Obviously [/news/gym-closed-here-are-some-of-the-best-home-workout-options/ at-home fitness is more important than ever right now]. If you've considered an indoor bike (or elliptical) but balked at the high price of the equipment, here's your chance to get that equipment at a low monthly cost -- provided you're willing to pay it for three years.

Your thoughts?

Originally published earlier this year. Updated to reflect new information. Removed expired bonus deals.

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