Our Fearless Leaders!

Head Coach – Steve Spence

Assistant Coach – Brian McGeeney

Assistant Coach – Pat Carpenter

Assistant Coach – Jeff Handy

Assistant Coach – Bryan Fulton

Assistant Coach – Brian Swartz

2018/2019 Roster


#3     Joseph Ullery   Mid

#4     Jaden Humphrey

#5     Nolan Behler  Mid/Att

#10   Chase Smith   Def/Mid

#12   Brady Swartz   Def

#13   Brian Gunn   Def

#14   Nick Handy   Def/LSM

#17   Gavin Carpenter   Mid/Att

#18   Eli Spence   Att

#27   Pierce Joyce   Mid

#28   Trace Klapaska   Def/Goalie

#30   Grason Listmann  Att

#33   Mason Leichling   Mid/Att

#34   Eli Buckmaster   Mid/LSM

#35   Braylon Tucker    Mid

#40    Jake Forman   Mid

#41   Chase Fulton   Att/Mid

#45   Nicholas Taylor   Def/Mid

#50   Jack Phillips   Att

#55   Jake Handy   Mid/Att

#99   Brandt Widmer   G


Yearly Schedule


  • Sunday Practices
  • Saturday skills sessions for those looking to hone in their skills for that specific position (optional)
  • October 27th (Frederica, DE) – Victory Events Series
  • November 3rd (Baltimore) – Aloha Brine Fall Ball


  • Indoor games on Sundays in Howard County


  • One Practice a week
  • Howard County Club Lacrosse League (Sundays)


  • 2 practices a week starting end of May
  • Three summer tournaments all in June TBD


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