Our Fearless Leaders!

Head Coach – Justin Binnix

Asst. Coach – Paul Schiavone

Asst. Coach – RJ Neal

2019/2020 Roster

1    Gregg Bowman   Mid

2     Scott Carter

4    Gavin Buczynski

5    Gregory Deavers   Mid/FO

7    Vance Basham   Mid

8    Kingston Quattelbaum   Def

13   Jack Schiavone   Att

16   Zach Pimpinella   Goalie

21   Nathan Muir   Def

22   Marcus Rothera  Def

28   Jumarr Brooks   Att

32   Cameron Neal  Att

34   Blaine Bennett  Goalie

44   RJ Breeden   Att

45   Nathaniel Gates   Def

81   Aidan Young   Def/LSM

99   Connor Lyons

Yearly Schedule



  • Saturday indoor  league in Columbia called Mid-Maryland


  • No Lacrosse, since players are playing with their HS teams


  • 2 practices a week starting end of May
  • Three summer tournaments.  Depending on the competitive level of each team, will determine the tournaments we enter.