Link to purchase tickets:  CLICK HERE

This year’s annual Bull Roast will again be held at the Columbian Center in Severna Park, on October 18th, from 7:00-11:00 PM.  At Rockfish, we don’t ask our players to sell anything for fundraising. We recognized that it’s time consuming, half the time the parents are doing the selling of a product and the other half, the parents are just writing a check anyway.  For us, we hold two annual events, the Rockfish Bull Roast in less than a month (adults only) and our Bingo Fundraiser in April.  This year, we are bringing back the “Free Membership” raffle, in which for every six people you bring to the bull roast, a ticket will be entered into drawing.  So bring all of your family and friends.  With the Bull Roast being less than a month away, we really need everyone in the program to think about bringing yourselves and at least two other people.  Last year we had 270 in attendance and made enough money to keep the membership down, while adding Saturday skills sessions and four API indoor skills sessions into this year’s program.  So the money we get from the Bull Roast, goes right back to the families and players.  Here is the link to buy your tickets.  Please do your part, buy some tickets, bring people, and let’s look to have a great time!!!!!!