Fall and winter opportunities are strongly encouraged, but not mandatory.  We do appreciate the fact that many of our players are participating in other sports that may pose potential conflicts with our fall and winter schedule.

Fall ball is really nothing more than a great opportunity to build. It gives coaches the chance to evaluate talent, it gives talent the time and space to develop, and it gives any team or program the chance to come together bond, and create a positive atmosphere for when the games count. This opportunity cannot be overlooked so yes, fall ball really is important.

The first couple of sessions are used for assessment of skill, athleticism, team chemistry, strengths, and weaknesses. The atmosphere is organized but loose, and coaches do their best to truly evaluate players based on their raw abilities. The next step is identifying areas that need improvement, and creating a plan to systematically work on those particular skills and needs. An important factor here is team chemistry, and this really cannot be overvalued.

Every team changes from year to year, every player is a year older and so are the coaches, and every team you will play will also be different. Nothing is truly the same, so ensuring that team chemistry remains a top priority is immensely important.